FTS 25 Mobile: The Ultimate Soccer Simulation Experience on the Go


First Touch Soccer (FTS) has been a popular soccer simulation franchise on mobile devices for years, and the latest installment, FTS 25 Mobile, takes the series to new heights. With stunning graphics, realistic gameplay, and a wide range of game modes, FTS 25 Mobile is the closest thing you'll get to a console-quality soccer experience on your phone.

Graphics and Gameplay

FTS 25 Mobile features stunning 3D graphics that bring the game's action to life. The player models are detailed and expressive, and the stadiums are meticulously recreated. The gameplay is equally impressive, with smooth animations and responsive controls. The AI is also very good, providing a challenging yet fair experience.

Game Modes

FTS 25 Mobile offers a wide range of game modes to keep you entertained. You can play quick matches, career mode, multiplayer, and tournaments. Career mode is particularly in-depth, allowing you to manage your own soccer team and compete in leagues and cups around the world.


One of the main drawbacks of FTS 25 Mobile is its lack of official licenses. This means that you won't be able to play with real teams or players. However, the game does feature a large number of fictional teams and players that are based on real-world counterparts.


FTS 25 Mobile gives you plenty of options to customize your game experience. You can choose from a variety of kits, balls, and stadiums. You can also create your own players and teams.


FTS 25 Mobile features both local and online multiplayer. Local multiplayer allows you to play against friends on the same device, while online multiplayer lets you compete against players from around the world.


FTS 25 Mobile is the ultimate soccer simulation experience on mobile devices. With stunning graphics, realistic gameplay, and a wide range of game modes, FTS 25 Mobile will keep you entertained for hours on end. While the lack of official licenses is a slight disappointment, it doesn't detract from the overall quality of the game. If you're a fan of soccer, then FTS 25 Mobile is a must-have game.

The new season of FTS 25 is here! 

Today we officially start the new football year 2025 with the grand premiere of the FTS 25 preseason .

Where it not only means the arrival of the new season in football, but also the presentation of the exciting special edition of the Euro and Copa America 2024.

So in this post we will be looking in detail at all the news, novelties and surprises that this new installment of FTS brings with it

FTS 25 New Features Update

• New realistic appearances: Kylian Mbappé (with mask), Toni Kroos, Lamine Yamal.
• New confirmed signings of the moment.
• Over 100 new Spanish mentions of popular players.
• Over 60 new, updated player looks across the board.
• New official loot from popular players.
• New official calls for the Copa America of:  Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica.
• New grass style and gameplay.
• New style of bib numbers.
• New kits for more teams.
• New promoted club: Espanyol 
• Correction of shields and general details.

First signings confirmed! 

With the start of the new transfer window that promises a lot, certainly in the new FTS 25 preseason , we already have all the confirmed movements in these first weeks of the transfer market.

The same one that already presents us with exciting additions and departures at a general level, where the official transfers of players of the caliber of: 

• Kylian Mbappé - Real Madrid 
• Endrick - Real Madrid 
• Szczesny - Al-nassr 
• Gary Medel - Boca Juniors 
• Marco Reus - Galaxy 
• Giroud - Los Angeles 
• Giorgios Giakoumakis - Cruz Azul 
• Thiago Silva - Fluminense 
• David Ospina - National Athletic 
• Ito - Bayern Munich 
• Rodolfo Cota - Club America 
• Govea - Chivas 
• Belocian - Bayern Leverkusen 

And the full rundown of the moves that are already known so far in the different leagues. 

Euro 2024 is coming to FTS! 

One of the new features that is presented this time, without a doubt, is the arrival of the official Euro tournament .

Since the start of the most important tournament on that continent, we took on the task of working with the teams participating in the competition on important aspects such as: 

• Official Euro 2024 Calls and Lists

• New complete official kits for each team 

• New formations based on the latest games 

So you can now participate with your favorite country in the Euro that will be available in FTS, in the "tournaments" section. 

Experience the 2024 Copa America! 

As expected at this time, we also welcome the most important tournament in America .

We present to you a very interesting novelty and that is that for this occasion we have managed to include participants from CONCACAF in the official tournament .

Which is undoubtedly great news, since previously only South American countries were played, however this time they will have guests from that region just like in reality .

So you will be able to enjoy this great competition , with its different participating countries in detail, both in terms of final selections , equipment , among other aspects. 

New promoted clubs for 2025! 

Another of the great news stories we present to you every year is about the clubs that have managed to get promoted to the top category.

That is why in this new release we can now count on the clubs that have been promoted in the different FTS leagues this year.

The momentary clubs that are already available up to this moment are: 

Premier League : 

•Leicester City 
•Ipswich Town 

Laliga : 


Bundesliga :

•St. Pauli 
•Holstein Kiel 

Series A :


Ligue 1 : 

•Saint Etienne 

Clubs that have yet to decide their promotion match will be considered once the results are announced. 

New narration in Spanish!

The gameplay presents us with great features , but the one that stands out the most without a doubt is the launch of the new comments in Spanish.

For the new issue, the stories of Cristian Martinoli and Luis García are presented.

Narrators with a proven track record who are now at FTS 25 to add an entertaining and fun flavor to our games.

Still, it is planned that Fernando Palomo will also be considered for future installments. 

New special gameplay interface! 

Experience a special theme inspired by the 2024 Euro and Copa America , thanks to the fact that this release has several aesthetic changes based on these competitions.

Visual features such as stadium details, panel design, grass style and colors, and other interface changes will give us a great experience based on the exciting tournaments.

We will also have the inclusion of the official design of the scoreboards for both the Copa America and Euro , which were recently announced, so we will be able to fully enjoy a completely renewed gameplay. 

Other essential news 

• New 2025 kits from the clubs whose designs for the new season have already been revealed.

• New official balls for both tournaments.

• New realistic setting atmosphere , with chants and sounds that bring the gameplay to life. 

• Updated soundtrack to accompany the theme of the new release.

• In addition to other notable changes and adjustments with the aim of continuing to improve this project in every way.

● FTS 25 More Features Update

- New Update Kits Club 2024/25 
- Tema & Background FTS 2025
- Adboards & Stadium Ala FTS 2025 Edition
- Update Transfers 2024/25 
- Fix ratings Fix Squad, Age and Height
- Formation, Position, Captain
- Update Face and Hair (200+)
- Adboards & Stadium
- Full Kompetisi Eropa
- Barclays Premier League
- Championsip
- Liga 1 France
- Budesliga Germany
- La Liga Spanyol
- Seri A Italian
- Eradivise Belanda
- UEFA Champions League
- UEFA Eropa League
- Best Graphics Grass super 4K ULTRA HD
- New Gameplay
- New Faces
- New Scoreboard, New Adboard, New Ball, New Boots
- And more


- Premier League
- Laliga 
- Serie A 
- Bundesliga 
- Ligue 1 

- Premier League
- Laliga 
- Serie A
- Bundesliga 
- Ligue 1


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